Consultant Contract

Sound Therapy SYNERGY Consultant Contract

  • SYNERGY Consultant means the person contracting to sell Sound Therapy Products on behalf of Sound Therapy International Pty Ltd
  • The Company means Sound Therapy International’s head office.
  1. To become a Consultant for Sound Therapy the applicant must sign this SYNERGY Consultant contract and return it to the Company with full payment for the Consultant Essentials Pack.
  2. Upon acceptance of the SYNERGY Consultant contract by Sound Therapy International, the SYNERGY Consultant is authorised to purchase Sound Therapy products at the discounted SYNERGY Consultant price as specified by the Company from time to time.
  3. Purchase orders to the Company must be accompanied by full payment at the SYNERGY Consultant discount.
  4. If the SYNERGY Consultant has not ordered within a 12 month period a renewal fee of $40.00 will be invoiced. This will enable the consultant to be highlighted on the website and also receive updated documents, training and correspondence.
  5. There are no restrictions placed on the SYNERGY Consultant as to territory.
  6. The SYNERGY Consultant may conduct its Consultancy activities as it sees fit but shall do so at its own cost.
  7. The SYNERGY Consultant is not an agent or an employee of the Company nor a person acting on the Company’s behalf.
  8. The duration of this contract is for one year from the date of acceptance by the Company and provided the SYNERGY Consultant has not breached the contract it will be renewed by the Company for successive terms.
  9. The SYNERGY Consultant agrees:
    1. Not to make any claims or representations on behalf of the company apart from explaining the information as set out in the Sound Therapy International literature.
    2. Not to breach the confidentiality of any clients without their express permission to disclose information about them in a public forum.
    3. To comply with local state and federal laws relating to the sale and distribution of the product.
    4. To provide follow up customer service and information to a standard comparative with the Company.
  10. The SYNERGY Consultant shall not repackage or change the form of any of the products.
  11. The company may cancel this contract if a SYNERGY Consultant
    1. fails to deliver to the company at least one purchase order for product in each six month period, or
    2. fails to pay the annual renewal fee, if required or
    3. is guilty of any serious misconduct, dishonesty or unprofessional behaviour which may be injurious to the company.
  12. The SYNERGY Consultant may terminate this contract by giving written notice to the company.
  13. The SYNERGY Consultant will not at any time, either during or after the termination of this contract, for any reason divulge any of the affairs or secrets of Sound Therapy International to any person nor use any information which may cause loss or injury to Sound Therapy International.
  14. A SYNERGY Consultant is entitled to a $50.00 discount on product each time it introduces a new SYNERGY Consultant to the Company, provided the new SYNERGY Consultant acknowledges the introducer on its SYNERGY Consultant contract.