What is Sound Therapy SYNERGY?

Sound Therapy SYNERGY is a scientifically based, portable treatment that can now be easily incorporated into any allied health practice. Spectrally activated classical music is combined with multi-sensory exercises and support tools.

It uses a high range of frequencies to improve hearing and communication, recharge the brain and open and develop neurological pathways in the auditory system. The ease and accessibility of this treatment makes it an attractive choice for many tinnitus patients and others.

  • Sound Therapy is a portable home based listening therapy for supporting and improving ear and brain health.
  • It uses specific filtering algorithms applied to classical music to bring about functional changes and neural enhancement in the auditory system and brain.
  • The system, which is based on discoveries by the French ear doctor, Alfred Tomatis, plus more recent work by Jastreboff, Porges and others, is used during daily activities with a mini portable music player and headphones.

Who benefits?

Sound Therapy is of benefit for patients with tinnitus, hearing disorders, stress relief, improved energy, learning difficulties, ADD, speech problems, auditory processing, dyslexia, autism, Down’s syndrome, depression, headaches, creativity, memory and concentration.

For Audiologists, Sound Therapy is a tool to help those hard to treat conditions such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, dizziness, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and figure ground discrimination.  By stimulating the ear mechanism and re-mapping the auditory pathways, Sound Therapy brings varying levels of relief to these conditions. It may also improve hearing aid compliance by reducing central auditory processing disorder.