Carol King

Two years ago I was diagnosed with varicose veins eczema, lipodermato sclerosus and secondary infection resulting from poor venous return and ongoing development of varicosities and a reaction to Hepatits A travel vaccination.  Incompetent long saphenous and short saphenous veins were removed as well as multiple lower calf branches.  This removal has resulted in new damage from lower calf to toes, and continual pain along the side of the foot.

In researching Sound Therapy and realizing that it can have a positive affect on the neural pathways of the brain, I thought I would see what it could do for the nerves in my leg and foot.  I have been using Sound Therapy for about nine months and I have been pleasantly rewarded with a minimizing of the pain – in fact I am now only aware of the pain when the leg or foot is touched.  When I have not used Sound Therapy for a week, the pain returns.  I use Sound Therapy about 2 hours every night while I sleep.