Brain Optimisation with Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a way to enhance your brain’s performance using proven discoveries from neuroscience.

It is a portable brain training program using stimulating audio tracks to enhance neural and physical integration. Recent neuroscience on brain plasticity and sensory integration points to sensory training techniques for improving brain function. Sound Therapy improves balance, rhythm, timing, coordination, attention, focus, concentration, memory, decision making, motor planning and sequencing.

Focus is one of those things that can gradually diminish over time through inactivity and slowing reflexes. Sound Therapy stimulates the frontal cortex and sharpens focus and attention, making it easier to stay ‘in the zone.’

Stress subtly affects all of our neural and physical functions. Sound Therapy soothes the neural limbic connections and helps to eliminate negative stress, keeping brain and body on a high performing edge. Coordination. Anatomical and functional organization of brain activity is enhanced leading to better coordinated motor activity.

Balance. The balance sense is in the ears (or the vestibular system). Perfect functioning of the balance mechanism is essential to enhance physical and mental performance.

Rhythm. The sense of rhythm is important for communication and creative endeavours. Deep kinaesthetic rhythm can be enhanced through listening to Sound Therapy music.

Energy. The brain is like a battery that can be charged or discharged by sound. The concentrated high frequencies in Sound Therapy recharge the brain’s battery and release latent energy in the brain.

Sleep. Impaired sleep has been found to reduce focus and physical and mental performance. Sound Therapy provides concentrated rest so sleep requirements can be reduced by 1 to 3 hours, while the sleep you do achieve provides more value.

Motor planning and sequencing. The cerebellum, central activity organising centre for the brain, responds to and is functionally enhanced by the specific algorithms used in Sound Therapy music.

Spatial sense. The spatial sense is strongest in the right brain, while language is seated in the left brain. Sound Therapy strengthens the corpus callosum, improving the ability of the two hemispheres to work together.

Sound Therapy listeners say…

  • I now find that I am perfectly at ease before large groups, and my presentations go without a hitch. Jeff Johnson
  • Within a week after beginning my listening I was able to write the plot for a novel. Cynthia Connell Davis
  • I could not believe how fresh, alert, and energetic I felt as I walked off the plane, and into the terminal. Julie Wentworth
  • My mind suddenly swept aside all thoughts and became totally clear and focused in a manner that I had never experienced previously. Jim Millburn

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