News for Consultants

New online training

With the launch of the SYNERGY website, our long awaited brand new online SYNERGY practitioner training is live. With segmented topics, ten subject areas, videos, graphics, interactive learning tools and online quizzes to test your knowledge. Work through the training at your own pace and update your knowledge base. The training will equip you to answer the 100 most often asked questions about Sound Therapy SYNERGY. Find the training here.

Research review on Tomatis treatment

In recent months Rafaele Joudry has completed a review of all the research studies on Tomatis listening therapy. She reviewed 100 studies in 23 countries on the following topics: vocal quality, singing, musicality, auditory processing, learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, stroke, communication, reading, academic performance, speech problems including dyspraxia and stuttering, voice, focus and concentration, spatial perception, severe developmental disability, epilepsy, brain damage, foreign language learning, depression and anxiety and pregnancy. The growing interest in this method within many fields of treatment in itself indicates the veracity of this approach to rehabilitation. Read the full study here.

Rafaele on Lecture tour

In 2021 Rafaele Joudry will be resuming her lectures in the greater Sydney area. Many lectures booked for 2020 were cancelled due to COVID. She is speaks to community groups in the aged care and children’s sectors, plus professional organisations and conferences in fields related to any of the conditions which Sound Therapy can help to address. Speaking is an excellent way of introducing Sound Therapy to a new audience.

Rafaele speaking in Kentucky

Working in Partnership with SYNERGY Consultant, Carol Brown of Equipping Minds in Kentucky USA, Rafaele is speaking at the Conference in April (via remote video link.) The Equipping Minds program has included Sound Therapy SYNERGY in their treatment protocols for the past seven years. Learn more about the Equipping Minds conference

First published paper on tinnitus

While the research on Tomatis has been traditionally focused on learning, language and developmental issues, there has recently been a first published journal article on the Tomatis method for tinnitus. It was published in the International Journal of Research In Medical and Health Sciences. Joudry’s portable method, Sound Therapy SYNERGY, has been used in tinnitus treatment for thirty years, as its convenience and portability made it more suitable to this user group. The clinic based method, requiring a greater investment of time and money was mostly restricted to more severe developmental issues in childhood. The beginning of clinical exploration of the Tomatis method for tinnitus is a beneficial step to advance scientific awareness about why Sound Therapy assists with this condition. To see the paper The Effects of the Tomatis Method On Tinnitus, follow this link


We have been busy putting our marketing knowledge from the last thirty years of business into a whole new set of resources for you. These resources are available for SYNERGY Consultants to help market your business and you can find them in the SYNERGY Marketing Resources section. They include brochures, posters, ad layouts, media content, images and more. Make use of all these resources which will make sharing the message so much easier for you. Find the resources here