About the Training

What is Sound Therapy SYNERGY?

Sound Therapy SYNERGY is a scientifically based, portable treatment that can now be easily incorporated into any allied health practice. Spectrally activated classical music is combined with multi-sensory exercises and support tools.

It uses a high range of frequencies to improve hearing and communication, recharge the brain and open and develop neurological pathways in the auditory system. The ease and accessibility of this treatment makes it an attractive choice for many tinnitus patients and others.

  • Sound Therapy is a portable home based listening therapy for supporting and improving ear and brain health.
  • It uses specific filtering algorithms applied to classical music to bring about functional changes and neural enhancement in the auditory system and brain.
  • The system, which is based on discoveries by the French ear doctor, Alfred Tomatis, plus more recent work by Jastreboff, Porges and others, is used during daily activities with a mini portable music player and headphones.

Who benefits?

Sound Therapy is of benefit for patients with tinnitus, hearing disorders, stress relief, improved energy, learning difficulties, ADD, speech problems, auditory processing, dyslexia, autism, Down’s syndrome, depression, headaches, creativity, memory and concentration.

For Audiologists, Sound Therapy is a tool to help those hard to treat conditions such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, dizziness, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and figure ground discrimination.  By stimulating the ear mechanism and re-mapping the auditory pathways, Sound Therapy brings varying levels of relief to these conditions. It may also improve hearing aid compliance by reducing central auditory processing disorder.

What is the SYNERGY brand?

SYNERGY is the company’s clinical brand, sold only through our qualified Consultants. The brand is distinguished by its own logo and additional value added materials. These include additional music content unique to SYNERGY programs, and a pack of flexible supervision tools for Consultants to use.

The SYNERGY brand was established to create a distinction and added value for our Consultants in the clinical brand. This ensures that when consultants advertise, their ads will be supported by a professional web presence.

All consultants can have a self maintained listing which will help to gather local leads for your practice. Customers who visit the SYNERGY website will be asked to do an online assessment in order to screen them before referring to the nearest Consultant.

If your own clients visit the website they will be directed back to you when they want to purchase.

Adding Sound Therapy to your practice will give you the capacity to help your clients in ways not addressed by any other modality. It will also add to your income in a way that is time efficient and quick to implement.

About the Training

The Sound Therapy SYNERGY Consultant training program will equip you to answer the 100 most often asked questions about Sound Therapy. Using short video segments with written background information and quick quizzes to test your knowledge, it steps you through all the key knowledge areas you will need to be successful with Sound Therapy.

Who should do this course?

Speech pathologists, audiologists, nurses, doctors, remedial teachers, pre-school teachers, palliative care workers, natural therapists, massage therapists, psychologists, counselors, and many more professions.

How the course will help you

As a trained Sound Therapy Consultant you will augment the benefits you can offer your clients, increase your income and add to the versatility of your practice, while taking very little of your time.

Topics covered in the basic training

  • Basic Knowledge
    The most asked questions about Sound Therapy on price, product and benefits.
  • History
    The history and evolution of Sound Therapy and the contributions made by Dr Tomatis, the Joudrys and others.
  • Anatomy
    The anatomy of the, outer, middle and inner ear. Dr. Tomatis’s particular views on how the ear works and how it responds to Sound Therapy.
  • Benefits
    The benefits of Sound Therapy for a healthy person, for a person with tinnitus, hearing loss, (sensorineural and conductive), vertigo/Menieres Syndrome; stress and energy, communication, sleep, autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, auditory processing or speech problems, and how it enhances musical ability and pre-natal development.
  • Stock
    Gain basic knowledge of the full Sound Therapy product range and how to select suitable products for your clients.
  • Theory
    The laws of Tomatis, the effects of analogue versus digital sound, the workings of the Electronic Ear.
  • Sound
    Understanding frequencies, filtering and pitch vs. volume.
  • How to use Sound Therapy
    Equipment, volume, side effects, listener education and duration of treatment.
  • How to Promote the Program
    A very practical crash course in marketing, beneficial for any practitioner.

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