What is the SYNERGY brand

SYNERGY is the company’s clinical brand, sold only through our qualified Consultants. The brand is distinguished by its own logo and additional value added materials. These include additional music content unique to SYNERGY programs, and a pack of flexible supervision tools for Consultants to use.

The SYNERGY brand was established to create a distinction and added value for our Consultants in the clinical brand. This ensures that when consultants advertise, their ads will be supported by a professional web presence.

All consultants can have a self maintained listing which will help to gather local leads for your practice. Customers who visit the SYNERGY website will be asked to do an online assessment in order to screen them before referring to the nearest Consultant.

If your own clients visit the website they will be directed back to you when they want to purchase.

Adding Sound Therapy to your practice will give you the capacity to help your clients in ways not addressed by any other modality. It will also add to your income in a way that is time efficient and quick to implement.