Chye Yong Seng

Chye Yong Seng, BA (Hons) in Music

Mr. Chye is a former lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) for modules such as World Music and Concert Management. Currently he is a music teacher at both Nanyang Technological University and Yamaha Contempo Music School teaching Chinese and Western flutes, respectively.

Hi everyone,
I started using Sound Therapy cassette tapes about 18 years ago and my travel sickness was gone within two weeks. I was very curious about any music-related therapies and Sound therapy is the only modality that I found that was very useful and practical for treating a spectrum of issues including not just hearing loss and tinnitus but other problems like insomnia and learning disabilities.
As a musician, I could relate very well with terms like high and low frequencies mentioned in Sound Therapy and musicians who have problems listening after playing their favorite music too loud and too long for a long period of time can easily benefit listening to Sound Therapy rather than wearing hearing aids that will only further worsen their hearing by amplifying the sound.
Do write to me whether you are a musician or about things that bother you and Sound Therapy could be the one that can easily solve your problems.
My email is and my contact number is +65-8716-3727.
Yong Seng