Peter Munro

I have been a pre-school teacher in Victoria and South Australia for many years, working and assisting many children with additional needs, and working alongside and with many allied health professionals to provide best outcomes to help extend children’s learning and development. I am alsoa qualifefied and registered Primary and Upper Years Teacher and have taught generalist and music, art and physical education for Prep or foundation year to year 7. I have also worked as a TAFE Lecturer and Pastoral Care Officer, as a youth worker, and Univeristy Assessor. I enjoy playing musical instruments in and teach the Kodaly and Orff methods of early music literacy. I have four children aged 12 to 31 and a lovely wife. I am passionate about helping children, youth and adults transform their auditory and overall health wholistically, and see the sound therpay synergy solution as a great way of assisting in the betterment of hearing and qaulity of life.. .