David Bergman

I have had Menieres for 4 years and noise in my ears for a long time, due to places of employment in my early life.

I have been on Sound Therapy for 18 weeks and have done a total of 911 hours. I noticed improvements at 6 weeks and 243 hours. The music was very soothing, I was sleeping a lot better, my ear noise was reducing and my stress level was improving.

At my present 18 week position I have found that I can play the music at a reduced amount to maintain the correct effect on my body system.

Now my noise level has virtually disappeared altogether. If I have a slight noise, I play my program for 2-3 hours and the noise is gone. I have excellent sleep each night, I drop off when my head hits the pillow. My energy level has increased in leaps and bounds. My stress level has improved out of sight. I can follow mixed conversations a lot better, because of some hearing improvement. I have a lot less dizzy attacks as well.

This is an excellent program, I cannot recommend it highly enough.