Hera Sandison

As teacher of languages, I use the Accelerate Method, which imitates the natural way we learnt as children in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere.  It makes it easy for a student to think in the new language and master a 3 year course in 3 months.  One of its techniques is the use of classical music, so when I heard that Sound Therapy uses classical music and helps students learn better, I was intrigued.  Before I recommended it to my students, I decided to listen to the program myself, just so that I could say that I had listened.  Focussed on language learning, I was not looking for any benefits myself.

In 2 weeks the results have been astonishing.  Chronic pain and attendant exhaustion due to abuse in childhood had long forced me to rest in bed for several hours a day.  That is now a thing of the past.

Before, I could only use a computer for an hour before feeling that my brains were scrambled.  Since I’ve started the Sound Therapy I’ve often worked on the computer for 10 hours a day and been reluctant to stop.

With new mental clarity and energy I am now making rapid decisions and acting on them and attending to matters postponed for years.

Because of my physical disability, I had semi-retired.  Now I’m so inspired by Sound Therapy that I’m starting a new career as a Sound Therapist.  I want to be part of spreading this wonderful work started by Patricia and Rafaele Joudry.  Bless you both for the physical and mental relief, joy and increased self esteem that your work brings to people.