Hope you are well. Wanted to let you know how things are going.

Well, 6 months in at 5-6 hrs a day. Firstly the tinnitus has not gone yet, maybe slightly worse. HOWEVER!!! I have been wearing hearing aids for 6 months, but decided to do a little experiment.

Took the aids out while I was watching TV and my partner turned the TV volume up and down without me seeing the volume number.

It was amazing to realise that the volume I used to have it was always 24-28 but now (without aids) I can listen comfortably at 16!!!!!.

We tried this experiment a few times during the week, always the same. (My partner was always complaining how loud I had the TV.)

Fantastica Simone.

I’m still so fed up and depressed with the tinnitus, Simone, but it obviously is getting into the ears so I must keep going, reminding myself of your 2000 hrs!!!.