Simone Carot Collins

I listened to Sound Therapy while pregnant with both of my children, and have used it off and on with them ever since, to give them a helping hand with their development.

My older daughter Ariana (currently 5) started speaking clear words at 7 months, and by 12 months was putting 2-3 words together to ask for what she wanted, in English or Spanish. By the age of 2 everything was described by colour (such as the “green shops” – the closest shopping centre to our home has a green roof). Ariana is now in Pre Primary, and she is doing grade 2 level maths in Mathletics, completed learning her sight words a good month before the next student to finish, and is well ahead with her reading and writing. She loves writing, drawing and music.

My younger daughter (age 4) started speaking at 13 months, launching straight into words to ask for what she wanted or to comment on what she observed (mama, agua if she was thirsty or she could see water outside or in a picture, the word in Spanish for “doggy” when seeing a dog etc). She started writing her own name at the age of 3, and despite currently being one of the younger children in kindy, can count unprompted to 29 (and up to 100 if prompted with the 10s from 30), knows how to write the entire alphabet and writes a number of words from memory even though she hasn’t learned them at kindy – she is very inquisitive and asks how to spell names she doesn’t know yet.

Both girls draw profusely, and a friend who is an occupational therapist has remarked at how advanced their drawings are for their ages. And neither girl has had any ear infections, when many of my friends’ children have had at least one set of grommets.

I am convinced that Sound Therapy has given both of my daughters an edge academically, including a great thirst to learn. I highly, highly recommend it to all parents.