Susan Butterfield

I’ve just been talking to Wendy in a 3 month consultation and would like to submit the following testimonial for your use if you wish.

It is my pleasure and my privilege to tell my tinnitus story for your use.

I have known of Sound Therapy for years but have not, until recently, had the wherewithall to invest in the programme. During those past years my Tinnitus has become increasingly annoying, having reached the stage where I had a head full of cicadas almost all the time I was awake. Fortunately the cicadas went to sleep when I did!

My background is as a teacher of Infants school, specialising in reading. I am a long time fan of classical  music and have used the Mozart Effect in both classroom and private coaching situations. Also I present a weekly classical music programme on my local Community Radio. In that situation I audition tracks to play each week. I have found that I can put my professional earphones over the Sound Therapy ear-buds and have the best of both worlds.

I am absolutely delighted to affirm that my tinnitus (of almost 20 year’s duration) has responded beyond my wildest dreams to Sound Therapy.
The cicadas have been all but vanished, all that remains is a slight hiss some of the time. I’m enjoying increasingly frequent and longer lasting periods when there is no tinnitus evident at all.
Also I can hear sounds that previously were hidden from me, such as the ticking of the bedside clock and the turn indicators in the car.
Having viewed your DVD and literature I was expecting a much longer period of listening before I noticed results. I’ve been listening for 3 months now and if I’m awake, I’m plugged in! (except when the little gizmo is on the charger.)

I find the cicadas return only if I am in a noisy situation, such as when all the Toastmasters are speaking at once or when I’m driving. I hadn’t realised how much road noise affected me.

I have had no hesitation in recommending Sound Therapy to all who ask me, “Why are you listening to those things in your ears?” or to parents with children – whether or not they have any great visible problems. I’m looking into becoming a Sound Therapy consultant and I do hope that you will find me a suitable candidate.

Rafaele, thank you so much for your dedication to your mother’s cause. The world needs more people like you!