Will Bayley

I have been sleeping much better, only waking up once a night. I have been using the system 6 hours a day, three morning and three at night since I got it.

My granddaughter started on the system only 4 days ago and my wife, my daughter and myself cannot believe the unbelievable improvement in that short amount of time. Her phonics were incoherent to the average person due to her inability to create the correct sounds. For “you” she would say “woo” and mostly I would have to ask her to repeat it or my daughter would tell me what she said. She would also say in sentence “me” instead of “I” so she would say to me, “Me love woo pop” and she would find it hard to string more than two to three words in a sentence.

Today, which is the 4th day on the system, 2 hours in the morning and three hours at night, she said to my wife as clear as a bell in the shoe shop today, “I don’t want those shoes, I want the other ones”. My wife Lyn was gobsmacked.

Lisa says she just loves wearing the system and listening to it. She dances and acts like a conductor, watches TV and reads books with it on.

I came home tonight and she was totally coherent and she said “me” a couple of times. When Lisa corrected her she was saying “I” frequently and when she did we gave her a clap. On the way out she said, “I love you pop”.

As a holistic neurofeedback and biofeedback practitioner I have never seen anyone learn so fast and it happened to be my granddaughter.

Unbelievable product Simone

— 2 weeks later —

I am using the system daily for around six hours.

I am much calmer and reading more as well as sleeping better and I have no doubt I am absorbing more when I read.

Last night I went to sleep at 11 pm and woke once at 3.30 am and went to sleep again till 6.20 am. My normal night was sleep for three hours and wake every hour or hour and a half and rise at 5 am.

I, as a therapist with a 33 year background, have studied and tried every natural sleep remedy including herbs and supplements I could find. I won’t touch medical drugs but when I did years ago I had a hangover that was worse than the tiredness I had from lack of sleep. Over the last ten years I have listened to everything and anything that was advertised including zen, gregorian and binaural. Nothing worked for me, in fact I have spent literally thousands on sleep remedies to no avail. I also used most of what I have tried on myself with my own patients who had sleep problems with much success which may sound contradictory but people came to me to help with their sleep complaints and I helped 95% of them.

I have literally become a sleep expert trying to sort my own disorder however the only thing that has worked for me so far is Tomatis therapy and I have been using it only three weeks.

I told you previously about my 5 year old granddaughter’s progress in the first three days; now after three weeks on the system and she has us all reeling from her progress. My wife has just said now to write this to you: the system is miraculous, our granddaughter’s progress in three weeks is nothing less than miraculous. Her speech and confidence is to be marvelled at.

My daughter’s friends have also noticed her progress and commented.

I write this with a background in Medical scanning, Naturopathy, Neuro feedback and biofeedback therapy.

My phone number is 0405 514 409 should anyone want to confirm validity.