6.1 Benefits for children: Learning Support

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Benefits for children and learning support

Part one of this section covers a number of the specific learning difficulties children have which may be addressed successfully with Sound Therapy. Part two discusses the general role of Sound Therapy for learning support for all children, including high achievers. In addition we explore how it enhances speech, music and other vital audio skills that underpin academic achievement.

Sound Therapy is a key success factor in addressing some of the most prevalent learning and developmental issues that are facing children today.

This section will cover how Sound Therapy enhances auditory processing skills, and in so doing increases the learning potential of children with a wide range of learning difficulties or developmental delays.

Auditory processing is an essential skill for all of our communication and language related activities. It is a component of nearly all learning difficulties, so improving this skill-set will help almost every child.

For gifted children, or those who are performing well academically, Sound Therapy is also beneficial to help enhance and focus their abilities.

We also address how it enhances the voice and the speech facility and improves academic performance by children and adults alike.

 There is a lot more detail on how Sound Therapy assists with learning and developmental issues in Rafaele Joudry’s book Why Aren’t I Learning?