6.2 Benefits for children: Speech, Voice and Academic Performance

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Speech, voice and academic performance


Sound Therapy can be of benefit to any child. It is not just for those with learning difficulties.

 As children develop their learning and language skills, many complex processes are at play, involving numerous sensory pathways and brain centres.

Sensory stimulation is how we learn, and the quality of stimuli a child receives will determine how well they excel at learning.

Beginning in the womb, a child’s auditory pathways are helping to build the brain’s response to the world and our relationships.

Language, perception, vocalization, tonality, syntax and grammar all determine our ability to communicate and take an active, creative role in life.

By enhancing both our speech functions and our musical abilities, Sound Therapy sets children up with a strong foundation for successful academic achievement.

Sound Therapy is a profoundly important tool for helping children to enhance their learning ability.