10 How to use the program

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How to Use the Program

This section on How to Use the Program is important for answering some of the most burning questions that new listeners may have. Your confidence in answering these questions will go a long way towards reassuring them that they will find the therapy easy and beneficial to use.

Although all of this information is covered in the books and Workbooks and the email support that comes with the program, people will need some of these questions answered before deciding to purchase, and will also look to their Consultant to confirm many of these questions along the way.

Tools such as the Client Supervision forms and the Email Support Program will make it easier for you to mange your clients’ needs in an efficient manner so that they feel very well supported and informed.

This section will also equip you to deal with the obstacles and difficulties that may come up along the way, when listeners experience adjustment problems, or indeed when the therapy challenges them to move through long ingrained habits, blocks, phobias or built-in resistance to change. As the nervous system is rewired, old habit patterns and responses are invited to change, some fundamental shifts may occur and may be quite unsettling. Your ability to counsel clients at this time, or appropriately refer, will make the difference to their ongoing recovery.